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Nie ma mistrzów?
Są tylko Ci, którzy ćwiczą i Ci, którzy nie ćwiczą. K.Przybysz

Sunday Sparring Meetings

are weekly, free meetings aimed at improving your fighting skills by sparring. A bit like in the fight club movie ;), but completely at ease. Neither your own equipment nor skills are required. The level of participants is very diverse, so everyone will definitelly find a sparring partner adapted to their own skills.

The group has over 300 members,

was established in 2004 and has been operating continuously for 6 years. We spar mainly using training sticks and knives, but in the asenal we also have training swords, sabers, clubs, shields, spears and even a nunczaka, whips or chairs (yes, we have a sparring chair named Ryszard :)). Of course, we also spar without weapons, usually in the boxing formula.

Sounds interesting,

but you are not yet sure what to do? Please browse thru our website, Facebook profile or Youtube channel. If you haven't found the answer to your question anywhere, send us an email to
and we will gladly answer.
It's been said that we regret the most things we haven't done :)

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